Crowdo Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program.

The affiliate program works for the following services by Crowdo:

  • Crowdo Links
  • Quora Promotion Service
  • SEO Audit Service

Here’s how it works:

1) Fill out this short form

2) Afterward, we approve you as an affiliate and you can go to “commissions” tab in your client dashboard to copy your unique referral link

3) You receive 10% commission of an order’s value of each client that you’ve brought to us.

4) We will compensate you in 1 month after the client has placed an order. Your commission will be sent to your PayPal/ credit card account. Alternatively, we can also add balance to your client panel and you can use that amount to purchase any of Crowdo services. Just tell us in advance what works best for you.

Here are some extra terms to keep in mind:

5) We only pay commission for bringing in new clients. If the client had already used Crowdo before, but purchased through your link - we will not pay any commission for that

6) You get your share for every purchase of a new client. If he/she makes multiple orders or pays for a monthly subscription - you will get compensated for that.

7) You can’t use your referral link to make purchases for yourself. Otherwise, we will disapprove you and you will no longer be our affiliate partner

8) Referral link can only be combined with a 10% off coupon, but the affiliates can’t make use of any discounts beyond 10%, otherwise - we will lower your commission.

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We don't need full disclose from you - we just want to avoid your services ending up in shady places :)
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